What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Note that payments are processed by our payment vendor through their secure website server. When making a payment, you a redirected from our secure server to their secure server. Once the transaction is complete, you are redirected back to our website.

What is your privacy policy?
In short, we do not share you information with any outside parties, period. We invite you to read our full Privacy Policy.

What software do you use?
We create 3D models using Auto Cad, Revit, Sketch up, NXT Render, V-Ray. We use Photoshop CS6 to edit images. We have the ability to import several  file formats.



Process, Scheduling and Contract Information


For interior renderings, how are furnishings handled?
We provide excellent quality 3D models of interior furnishings as part of our Rendering Packages. Our 3D model library  contains over 350,000 items, so chances are we can match the design sensibilities you're looking for. If not, we can provide you with an estimate to create custom furnishings.

For exterior renderings, how is landscaping handled?
We have an extensive library of 3D plants that we use to match your landscaping plan. Where possible, we will match your plants exactly; if we don't have an exact match, we will use a plant that provides the closest match.

Will you add people to my renderings?
The addition of people and other items like cars (referred to as entourage) is included as part of our standard services and Rendering Packages.

Can I have the 3D model files after the job is over?
We cannot release the 3D models of a project for two reasons. First, we use proprietary methods and assets to produce our 3D renderings, and releasing the 3D files would compromise the competitive integrity of these techniques. Secondly, distribution of non-proprietary assets used in the creation of an image would often violate the terms of using these assets. Restricted distribution is standard in all of the libraries we use, for example collections of trees and people.

Can I use the image files anyway I want?
You have unrestricted use of the images that we create for you. We ask as a courtesy that if the images are used in any sort of publication that we receive credit as the creator.

What if I have changes or revisions to my plans after I've sent them to you?
Our contract specifies that we will create the 3D model based upon one set of plans. If there are changes made after that, we will provide an estimate of additional cost to revise the work.

What if I need to suspend my rendering project?
Suspend means to put on hold, with the intention resume the project at a later date. We will suspend a project for up to sixty calendar days with no impact upon the fee. Suspensions longer than thirty days are subject to a fee renegotiation.

What if I need to cancel my rendering project?
If you've already paid half of the invoice as a retainer to proceed, and we have not started your project, we will refund your money minus any fees charged by our online payment vendors (usually $10.00). Once we begin work on your project, we proceed according to the following milestone/percentage schedule:

    Modeling / 50% - The 3D model is started; once completed a gray-scale rendering will be sent for proof check.
    Texturing / 65% - Realistic materials are added to the 3D model.
    Draft 1 / 80% - Entourage is added to the 3D model and a Draft 1 image is sent for client review and comment.
    Draft 2 / 90% - Client comments are incorporated into the model and a re-rendered image is sent to the client for review and comment.
    Final / 100% - The final is rendered and delivered.

We require half of the contract amount to be paid before we begin work on a project. If you cancel a project after we've begun, we will prepare an estimated total of the amount we've completed at the time of cancellation and proceed to return any funds not used. If the project is cancelled after the Modeling / 50% mark, we will prepare an estimate of the percentage of work completed and submit a bill for the unpaid portion.



Can you explain how pricing is determined?
We've developed a set of analytical tools that helps us price our jobs precisely and competitively - this is one of the reasons that we can offer Package Pricing. We've translated our pricing formula into plain English below, with the list ordered from most to least impact on price.

    Labor and Time - The main thing that we have to consider when pricing your job is labor, which is to say how much time it will take us to build, texture and render your 3D model. This is nearly identical to what a general contractor must consider when bidding a project, with the principle cost effects coming from your project's size and complexity.
    Project Size - The amount of square feet to be shown in a rendering is generally proportional to the amount of labor required to create it. The world of computer modeling, with its ability to copy and paste, does alter this formula. For example, if your project is large but is based upon a repeating module, this will reduce the amount of time required to model it.
    Project Complexity - Our Package Pricing is based upon the assumption that your project represents a median level of architectural complexity and detailing. Our analytical process consults a set of proprietary data that gives us median pricing. This is analogous to the kind of published pricing data used by building contractors. Where a project deviates from a mean price we adjust our price accordingly. At present, about 80% of our projects need no adjustment from the median price.
    Project Data Format - Creating a 3D model from CAD files is much quicker, and therefore much cheaper, than creating a model from hand drawn data. This is because CAD files can be imported into our 3D modeling software and then "traced" over very quickly to build the 3D model. To give a ballpark cost differential, our shop estimates an additional labor cost of 25% to create a model from hand-drawn data versus CAD, although we always have to review the documents to verify this. If your project has already been modeled in 3D, we can offer substantial discounts, although we must review your files to verify this. To find out more about how we work with projects if you already have a 3D model, see the explanation below.
    For Exterior Renderings, Site Topography - Creating a flat site is substantially easier than creating one with dramatic contours. To create the latter, we must use specialized software to create the topographic contours.
    For Interior Renderings, Furniture Choice - We have an extensive library of furnishings that, while perhaps not matching your furniture specs exactly, will almost certainly evoke the proper spirit. By using our off-the-shelf furnishings, we can keep your renderings within the parameters of our Package Pricing. If you need custom furnishings, we'll be happy to offer a custom quote.

What if I have multiple renderings from the same plan type - do you offer bulk discounts?
The answer is usually yes, although we have to review bulk discounts on an individual basis. The general rule of thumb is that if you have multiple renderings of the same base floor plan with altered elevation styles, we can usually offer a bulk discount because there is some labor savings.

What if I already have a 3D model – will this reduce the price?
The answer is almost always yes, but because model formats and the quality of modeling vary, we must determine the answer on an individual basis. We routinely work with 3D models in the following formats:



If your 3D model comes in a format not on this list, we'll try our best to find a way to work with it.


What kind of files can I send for my job?
We will find a way to work with any file that you send us. However, to qualify for our lowest pricing, your project files need to be in one of the following formats:


If your project files fall outside of this list, we'll be happy to provide a free estimate of any additional costs that may apply.

Hand-drawn data requires an average of 25% additional labor for us to model, but we provide a custom estimate of the precise additional cost.